ShingetsuHime (Wallpaper Portfolio) All I need is you-LelouShirley

All I need is you-LelouShirley
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The pink! It Burns!!! gwabwalagaa~ -dissolves into a bubbling mass of liquid goo-...

THis paper is entirely to pink and bright to me. I hate the color, unless it's used as an accent to a dark color, like black or brown :3
Even though the brightness burns, I'm kind of happy with the way it turned out. My Bf does too. Our favorite cg couple is this one; there's actually a connection between code geass and us lol. We met at a cosplay party and he was cosplaying Lelouch and I was Shirley. The rest was history. Once again the dates have a more personal meaning to me than just being a random input. ^//^


I love this pairing!!! I dont like LelouC.C. and hate LelouKallen (I prefer SuzuKallen...which I am making for a friend of mine now! X))


Polaroid kit:

BG kit: I tried to duplicate it using different bg patterns but got lazy. I made this around midnight lol

Ribbon bow: Photobucket

Pictures:...I found them so long ago on some obscure site and had them uploaded to my facebook. If you want to see them, Pm or comment and I'll give you the link

Star-crossed lovers/All I need is you ribbon thing: Made them myself with the rectangle select tool and text tool. Arent I so knowledgeable? lol

Comments, questions, and Hi's greatly appreciated! :) to work on the Grimmhime one I promised my bf >.> HE OWES MEH!!!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpapers
code geass, fenette, lamperouge, lelou, lelouch, leloushirley, lulu, lulushirley, shirley
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