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This is my new entry for Josephine's Challenge, "The Hardest Wall I Ever Made".rnrnThough it's not as good as my first entry, and no wall probably EVER will be, I'm satisfied with this one. And I barely made it in time, too.....rnI've just been so busy with the holidays and with school, and I haven't managed to get online. ;~;rnrnThough it looks really simple, I probably spent about......7+ hours on it, not counting the original render of Sora. I had a lot of false starts and lots of searching to do for images to make the background. I had a couple of stain glass "windows" made - a blue one and a pink one - with Kairi's (pink) and Riku's (blue) pictures in them, and I planned on making a floor and a wall for it, but nothing was coming out right. So I decided to get rid of them. I don't even know where my idea for the wall came from. It just sorta built itself. rnrnI started with the render of Sora, which took FOREVER to get done and make look decent. Then I added the stain glass windows, and after browsing through some Kingdom Hearts images on Zerochan to get an idea of things to cut out and make into a background, I decided to add the numbers 1 - 13 (for the Organization XIII) around Sora, and in a heart shape, too. So I found some heart clipart, cut out the outlines and resized it to fit over Sora as I liked it. It took about 2 hours in itself to figure out how to do the numbers, where to place them and how to fit in all 13 of them. Then I got rid of the heart. rnrnNext came the cards. This took an hour and a half. I found a image for Chain Of Memories (a Kingdom Hearts game based around cards) and I cut it out to use as the cards with the Organization XIII members. I found an official Kingdom Hearts wallpaper with all of the Org. XIII members in it, and I rendered each of them out, placed them on a dull grey background and made them into the card by using the floodfill tool. It was quite hard to place them all decently and to fit 12 of them in. I kinda decided against adding Roxas for this or that reason. rnrnThen I tried to figure out what to do for the rest of the background, but nothing worked at all. It was so hard to figure it out. But I decided to get rid of the stain glass "windows" and do something else. I decided on the clock towers because of Twilight Town.rnrnI didn't know where to go from there, but I wound up adding the cloudy sky texture and the keyblades. And then, it still looked a little plain so I added text and that was it..........rnrnMaybe it's not good enough, but I worked so hard on this OWOrnI hope it's ok......x--xrnrnCredits:rnrnSora Render (Though it's a render and a PNG file, the background was black on my program, so I actually had to render it out of the black, which took forever....)rnClock TowerrnCard (I cut out the one of Goofy...)rnOrganization XIII Members (I rendered all of them out of there..)rnOathkeeper KeybladernrnTextures - 1 (used it twice, once as a top layer, once as a bottom layer) - 2 - 3rnrnI hope this is ok >W>

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