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~ *{Flowers} someday and {Smil
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~ {Someday,in the spring
I'll give Flowers to you.
But my Smile,
You'll have forever.} ~

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Yey!Happy Birthday,Kik-chan!XD *hugs*
This wallpaper is a gift for you,my dear friend!^_^ Well,sorry,it's a little late,but my week was really terrible...TT^TT
Anyway,I hope you had a wonderful b-day and many many gifts and hugs!^_^
You deserve it!~ XD *super hugs*

For this wallpaper[OMG,long time I don't submit a wallpaper...u_u],I made the background with some textures,add the image extracted and more some textures!^_^
I like this image,is simply sweet and adorable!~ I really love Liechtenstein and Switzerland!^_^
Well,I hope everyone like it!XD

*- Credits: -*


*-Textures and Background: [DeviantArt]
-kfnxbabi,yunyunsarang,shirirul0ve,Morpires,regularjane and Missesglass

Thanks for all the support and praises,I love all the adorable comments,Faves and Hugs!~
Take care!

Hetalia: Axis Powers Wallpapers
flowers, hetalia, liechtenstein, spring, sunflowers, switzerland
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