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This wallpaper is for Ritona Raito because she is one of my absolute favorite artists on this site and on the occasions that we have talked (which I'm sad to say hasn't been often, since she's so nice and I'm just lazy when it comes to commenting), she is such a nice person. So yeah, she's pretty much my art hero :)

Now that I'm done gushing like a total nerd, I should talk about the actual wallpaper. This is the only wallpaper I have ever called a "project". I rendered every character individually, which for someone lazy like me is incredible. The background might look confusing, but it's supposed to. I wanted the person looking at this to feel kind of confused because that's probably what it would be like to be in that sort of "Wonderland" situation with these characters. So yes, there actually IS a method to how I make things.

If you like this wallpaper, let me know! I have some more scans like these that I'd be happy to render to make some more "Ciel In Wonderland"-themed wallpapers.

Hope everyone likes this wallpaper :)


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