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Mina: Am I The Wolf You Seek?
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:D My entry for Momo-Chan's challenge! ^___^

SO, this is meh OC for my fiction ^^ (It's a Doubt one :D *shot*)

Note: NO THIS DOES NOT MEAN MINA IS THE WOLF, BUT IT ALSO DOESN'T MEAN SHE ISN'T!! :I I'm doing the exact same thing for Lucinda(Luci), *blank*<-haven't though of a name for him..., Trever(Trev), and Hisako... Really. Probably a kind of similar background and a image similar to that...

Picture of the girl (Mina)-(c) Me (Littlepooch/Scarlet-Wolf-Fang/OtakuNezumi)
Manga scan (the person with the rabbit mask on)-(c) Doubt prelude...I'm not sure what page it was... I just took the background off, added some blood splatters, outlined it and added color.
Brushes (c) dA

What I like: X3 I really like the eyes... And the background I think ended up pretty cool >D
What I don't like: DX I messed up the shading on the shirt >I Her hair ended up kinda weird and more orange looking than I wanted...

o.o I hope this can be considered pg13...

Ps...It's random and barely has anything to do with this but, GUESS WHAT I'MA WEARING 8DDD A BUNNEH HAT!!! *shot* xD It's not like the rabbit mask though... It kinda remidns me of Usa-Chan from Oran.. >3 I got it from Hot Topic. *is shot for my randomness*

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