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Alright for the Pokemon Gijinka Revolution and all these pokemon are in the club.

So the only characters that are mine at the two Luxrays lol. The one on the left is Lux the Luxray and the one on the right who is darker is Xio the Dark Luxray. All other characters belong to the other members of the club.

I also tried move couples together such as:

Lux with Hoom (Houndoom) holding paws, but there is a love triangle with Estelle (Espeon) but Reo (Umbreon) is next to her.

Hon the other Houndoom with Melody the Mudkip.

Lupe (Lopunny) with Chii (Chinchou) who looks like he is looking at her boobies..yes I did that on purpose!! :D

Mear (Smeargle) and Shupple (Bannette) holding hands as well!

Nyarth (Meowth) is super excited to be near Nina (Nidoran).

I also tried to put seperate characters that belong to the same person apart and also spread apart the Eevee evolutions! I hope you like it!!!! :) Enjoy!!!

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