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Haunted Opera
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Hi there! Ok, so for this challenge, I wanted to put a really good effort in and attempt something intense. I didn’t really know what I wanted to use, until I found this scan of Kuroshitsuji. I have a slight obsession with masquerade type stuff…so I really took a liking to it immediately and went to work extracting it. <3 Took me about four days…mainly because I was distracted. It wasn’t incredibly hard like some of the other renders I’ve done, might’ve been because I adore it so much though. *laughs*

After that was done, I went to work figuring out just how I wanted the backdrop. Initially I was going to have them in some sort of party environment, but the opera was just so much better…considering Sebastian is pretty much in the role of the Phantom~ I found an image of the Paris Opera house, gave it a Dark Brush Strokes effect and adjusted it to my liking, adding a few special features of my own. *smirks* Find them, hm? :3 I placed the render and made some adjustments to it as well. Giving it a neat posterization effect after messing with the colors and noise/sharpness. Um…I think I did something with the burning/blurring effect too…Gomen…I waited too long to write the description : (

AH, I added ghosts as well. The one on the stairs is a girl leaning over the edge…dunno if it’s very obvious. As for the other two, well they serve more than just a “haunting” purpose. They are symbolism for the first episode~ Should you Kuro fans recall it. *winks*

I believe the rest is pretty self explanatory. The reason this is one of the hardest walls I’ve made is because it seemed to take the longest planning wise. Also because I tried a lot of new effects/abilities/positioning. I was going to add texture as well…yet I seemed to like it the way it was. ^^ I love that I was able to match the colorings…I think they blend very well. :3

The font bugged me for a bit, but after adjusting it a couple times…this is the one I finally went with. Hope everyone enjoys it~

Comments/hugs/faves always appreciated!!

Brushes: ObsidianDawn
Scan From ZeroChan

Dedicated to RedStars and Dyanaanime because their cosplay of Ciel/Seb was simply epic and I kept thinking of them as I worked on this. Great work you two :)

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