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Air Gear 013
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My second wallie for Kisuke's challenge "The Great Imitators"...

Well needless to say, the odd feeling is haunting me again as I do this... heehee. The thief in the night as returned...

This wallie is the second wallie that is following Kisuke's style. Blow you will find all the info you need on the wallie...


Wallie I tried to Imitate: Point

Background: Consists of a white with two textures. Changing the opacity of one texture and the second one changed to Multiply so they would blend.

Air Gear Image: The image is one I found on a render site. The scan was taken from the Air Gear Manga… For the blending of the render it was changed to Multiply. I would love to give you the name of the site, but I can't *sighs* I am not at home on my PC to get the link and I don't know the name of the site off the top of my head.

Brushes: Clouds and the sun were added to the background then blended to Dark to pull them out better. They came from

Font: The font is from


Well there you have it, Kisuke. I hope it is what you are looking for…

Hugs, Faves, and Comments always appreciated…


Air Gear Wallpapers
air gear, ikki, regila, roller blades, winged
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The Great Imitators

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