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{ J a n u a r y. } - Flowers,K
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Hi minna-san!XD
Today,I bring to everyone my new wallpaper[after a long time without submitting a wallpaper...Sorry!T^T] for the challenge:A page of Calendar by Blue Latte-san!^ w ^

This wallpaper is very special to me,because is very different compared to all my wallpapers and cards!O.O I used new techniques that I had never used before![unfortunately,I took hours to learn...u_u']
This wallpaper was made with much inspiration,love and tears!

I mixed some texture to make the background,add more textures in BG,the put the Kobato+Ioryogi image[Is a cute and sweet image!~ I really loved it!*.*],more textures,add brushes,the month,some simple effects and changed the "I really want you" for "I really Love you"[because I think more cute and sweet!X3 LOL!~]...Was so much fun doing this wallpaper!^_^
I really hope I've done a good work!~

I choosed the month January!^_^ One of my favorite month,because,is the first month of the year...A new year with new expectations,ideas,dreams and a new beginning for everyone!XD [and in January,I'll be on my wonderful summer vacation!XD YEY!~]

Special thanks and a super hugs for two wonderful people:
*-Felcie-san[Thank you for teaching me some techniques Photoshop!*hugs*]
*-And my brother[He helped me make the calendar!^_^ Without his help,my calendar would be horrible!]

Dedication for my dear friend,Blue Latte-san!=^_^=
Your challenge is very criative and awesome!I really liked it!X3
You're an amazig artist!^-^ My wallpaper is not pretty like yours,but I hope you like it!XD

*{Credits.}* :

*-Artist:Geegee [Image:e-shuushuu

-BG:2 textures by obscene-bunny {1 and 2} and Missesglass

-Textures:2 textures by schokotorte,night-fate-stock,Foxxie-Chan,shirirul0ve and EViL-KiTTie-stock

-anliah and Sanami276

Well,thanks for all wonderful comments,[I really appreciate all of them!~ ^_^] Faves and Hugs!
Hope you like my wallpaper!XD
Ja ne!

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2011, flowers, hanato, ioryogi, january, kobato, kobato.
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Blue Latte
A page of Calendar

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