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don't break me.
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This is for a challenge as usual, but I'd spotted this image earlier on, and downloaded it. It was begging to be used for this challenge. BEGGING I'M TELLING YOU.

~ the story. the tale behind this.
We give you our hearts, and we hoped that you'd cherish it.

...but no, they were stepped on, crushed, twisted, torn up
and everytime, I vow not to give my heart to you again.

but I can never resist the irresistible pull you exert upon me.
I keep giving you my heart, in the hope that maybe one day...

my love will reach you.

~ why? questions are dangerous at times.
I chose this render, because I feel that all of them have had their hearts torn up in one way or another, whether it may be figurative or literal. They're all strong in their own ways, but on the other hand, they understand that one can't live without some help from others.

Chrome suffered by losing her organs, and being shunned by her parents.
Kyoko suffered by seeing her brother being seriously injured because she was naive.
Haru suffered because she felt that she wasn't strong enough, and things were hidden from her.

" They are all strong in their own ways, but weak in their own ways. "

~ credits. recognition given where it is due.
- Image: [x]
- Text: [x]
- Brush: [x]
- Texture: [x]

~ statuses. the attributes.
- Photoshop CS4
- 14 layers
- 3 hours or so, over a month.

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