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Misty Mountain
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~Dedicated to jenuchiha~

Beucase shes amazing and I havn't given anything to her in so vary long. I'm so sorry Jenuchiha!

Anyway- Its a simple wallpaper. I used concept art from the game and played around with the contrast, diffrent filter effects and colour changes. I ended up with this brighter vibrat looking wallpaper so I decieded to post it. Just so you know that this is diffrent from the origanal image beucase I didn't add any textures or anything. Sorry I donn't have a link though.

And I've never played the game before; I own it though which is kinda weird. Oh well. I guess I should get onto playing it eh? After all I heard its really good and the concept art is pretty amazing!

If any of you want me to like- add text, textures ect ect. just ask and I'll get around to it. This was a little wallpaper and didn't take me very long so I think I owe you all a little more than just this.

I also appertly owe Donny a gift.
I wonder if he likes Prince of persia....

Prince of Persia Wallpapers
blue, brown, desert, filters, green, leaves, lens flare, ocean, prince of persia, red, rock, sand, scarf, video game, vines
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