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heavenly memories
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(Originally, this is wallpaper for SarahPatricia's "Inspiration Appreciation" challenge.... but it was already expired -_-)

I regard memories as my inspiration because memories can make you smile and then suddenly cry. (---- I'm too lazy now to add further words...)

The wallpaper's image is similar to my sketchy perspective. The only difference is that (aside from Konzen is here) this was re-painted and CGed (are those the right terms?) by my brother.

For some reason, my brother doesn't want to publish his work online. But he let me use the scan for this wallpaper. If only you all can see the scan, the colors are TOTALLY different. I decided to make this one have a retro=analog (?) effect. I got the idea from a PS technique taught to me by my brother, a tutorial I saw online a few months ago (I can't find it anymore) and combined it with my previous cards: ::thinking of you:: and s.m.i.l.e.

I'm not really sure if this has any difference from the cards. But this one took almost 5 days to make with almost 25 layers (even it looks simple). I also find making this wallpaper quite challenging since I really played, combined, mixed (and experimented) with filters and different blending modes. No textures, only one scan, & just 2 brushes (for the title :P).

- I played with the curves
- I filled a new layer with magenta and changed the blending mode and opacity
- Copy merged everything then paste, put a bit of gaussian blur, put a layer mask, then erased the blur from Goku and Konzen
- Used a red and yellow soft brushes then changed the blending mode and opacity so it looks like a series of light streaks
- Put a stroke to the whole inside of canvas then used super :P gaussian blur and changed the blending mode
- Used a large amount of white soft brush on Goku and Konzen to highlight them (for them to stand out) in the wallpaper then changed the blending mode
- Made a black layer, used Add Noise and Gaussian blur then changed the blending mode and opacity (so I guess that's the texture of the wallpaper) though, I think its not that noticeable even in full view :P

I dedicated this to Yamaro, since his wallpapers are very inspiring.

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