Angel Zakuro (Wallpaper Portfolio) wrap me sweetly.

wrap me sweetly.
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I'll edit this description later...gotta go eat dinner now. :D

Original scan. Completed the left side of it...painted it etc. Added textures, yay.


Ok, so yeah. I would've written a nice description and gotten the category right if my brother D wasn't hovering around me, rushing me to dinner. D< I hate it when he does that. Whenever he comes over, he always comes down to see what I'm doing, and I'm usually on the comp. It's like WTF go away, stop looking over my shoulder.

ANYHOO. So yeah. I took that lovely scan, and then I had to complete it for the wall! :) I used some nice brushes to sorta make more trees...and I used the stamp clone tool to continue the, whatever that is. Uh...fence? Whatever lol! Haha. Then I added a few gradients, messed with the saturation/tones/contrast, and then I added the texture and text! ^^ I think it ended up pretty good. :] This is for the Koge-Donbo challenge...and that ends tomorrow so I HAD to do it today! I'm hoping that SakuraDust will take up my offer and collab with me on my Kobato wall so that will actually be finished. ^^; Oh, and as for the title...I was referring to the warmth. I made it look a lot warmer, and I was thinking was wrapping her in it! :) I realize that there shouldn't be a comma after "wrap me," but I'm leaving it as is. A little artistic grammatical imperfection. :D

I hope you like it!

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