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Summer Paradise
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Happy birthday, Sanyadude! p.s. don't forget to check out his gallery!
Here is your late-late-late present!
Also it is my 100th wallpaper at Minitokyo! YAY!

(Widescreen, Square and Full HD (1920x1080) are avaiable)

Finally after 1 month of hard working, this wallpaper is finally finished. I’ve already heard my friend opinion XD

In June my friend request me to make crossover wallpaper as for his birthday present and gave me list with 24 characters. And my task was to surprise him with something cool. But I have no ideas how the hell I’ll put all of them in one picture, so for some time I was just thinking of some scene or abstract background. But such easy idea as beach theme came to me later when I realized that it is summer outside XD But it was just half way before creating THIS. When I start searching for characters and poses I had some troubles. Some of them didn’t have beach themes scans, so I mixed different scans to create poses what I need. It was really hard to put them all.

Here are my notes (journal). It’s like my work diary. ( 30 DAYS TO WALL XD ) Read it at KS-Designs.

Used scans/screentshots. Also list of ALL CHARACTER in this wallpaper. Click to enlarge (6Mb).


Step 1 - Creating Multi-scan
Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 5600x3500 / Size: 243mb
Step 2 - Characters Vectoring/Painting
Program: Easy Paint Tool Sai / File-type: *.sai / Reso: 5600x3500 / Size: 214mb
Step 3 - Fixes and Merging layers
Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 5600x3500 / Size: 119mb
Step 4 - Painting background
Program: Sai and Photoshop / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 3839x2560 / Size: 262mb
Step 5 – Fixes, some effects
Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 2560x1707 / Size: 141mb
Step 6 – Final STAGE – Signature
Program: Photoshop CS5 / File-type: *.psd / Reso: 1920x1280 / Size: 88mb
Final Step – Saving all resolutions!

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