smoking crimson (Wallpaper Portfolio) disappear. feat;// vongola

disappear. feat;// vongola
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LOLOL I have like 6389642 tags for this wall. xD
Well I'm hoping that's enough KHR fanservice for all of youuu~

Well the concept of this being based on their clothes. At first it was just supposed to be a night-life city themed wallpaper, but then I wanted to try an eccentric colour scheme with it, so THIS is the result.

~ story the tale behind this.

There is a myth in the city. Six guys appear every time daylight turn to dusk. Each of them is his own individual, and all of them are stunning in their own way.

These six guys frequent the nightlife of the city, and if you're lucky enough to be in the same club as them, you might score the favor of one of them.

The guy will always dance all night with the person that's scored his favor. But as dawn approaches, the six of them excuse themselves, group together, and leave.

They cluster in an alley, and as the sun rises, before your eyes, clouds swirl around them and they disappear....

Only to return the next night. Who are they? Nobody truly knows.

~ credits. recognition given where it is due.
- PNG by Chloe: [x]
- Text: [x]
- Brushes: [x] [x]
-Colour scheme: [x]

~ statuses. the attributes.
- Photoshop CS4
- 28 layers
- 5 hours or so.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Wallpapers
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