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Title: Dangerous
Character: Kyoya Hibari
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
My Comment: So I just finished this wallpaper like five minutes ago (this my be the first upload I've done the day of making the wallpaper...haha). This strong urge came over me to make a wallpaper and led me to looking through the vectors I've saved. A lot of the images/vectors for KHR have already been used for wallpapers before (and this one too, probably) so it was annoying finding which I wanted to use. I settled on this vector mostly because he was hot >_> *shrug* Vector Credit to RiikoAya.

To start, I figured I wouldn't use the whole vector but just the upper half of him. Once this was done, I threw a blackish cloud on a layer above him, made it partly see-through, then ignored those two layers for the rest. I ended up using eight-ish layers of just different brushes one on top of the other. One layer had a light blue -> white crazy brush-ness (so in the final draft of the wallie there are parts that kind of match the sleeves he's wearing and add a little color to the background). Obviously one layer had blood drops/splats on it in red that I didn't want to stick out more than the rest, so made them partly transparent as well.

There's also some words hidden in the background that are...pretty hard to see even if ya know where they are. These words are: "Bite" "Death" and "Dangerous" as well as the saying "Bite You to Death" which is probably the easiest to spot/see.

Basically, I just used a lot of different brushes on different layers, rearranged to my liking and then smashed em down into one layer. I still at this point was ignoring the cloud-ish layer and Hibari's layer. Before merging those two layers down with the rest, I darkened (via gamma) the merge layers. Once that was done, I added the cloud-Hibari to the mix and started playing with the lighting again.

In the end, it turned out just (or close to) what I was wanting to achieve: a dangerous background. We all know Hibari is scary-dangerous (to the people in the series, of course. Us viewers find him just awesome) so I wanted a wallpaper reflecting his dangerous-ness even if his vector-image doesn't look very threatening. Which is exactly how it is in the anime/manga. He doesn't always LOOK like he'll kill you, but he IS dangerous. ^-^ Anyway! Enjoy!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Wallpapers
bite, black, blood, cloud, committee, dangerous, death, discipline, gray, guardian, hibari, hitman, kyoya, reborn, red, ring, vector
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