21Emmz12 (Wallpaper Portfolio) Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Knockin' on Heaven's Door
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Title: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Artist: Guns 'N' Roses

*snifflez* Y?!??!??!?!??!??!?! Y DID U DIE, L MY LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugz huge poster of him she haz in her room & criez & getz poster all wet*
So, herez my entry fer Espada01'z challenge, "Memories".
It iz a wallie of L. I chose L because i didn't want him ta die & it waz very sad dat he died & i haven't made a Death Note wallie in 50 million yearz xD

L Picture
Background Picture

K, so here iz whut i did:
Step 1: I found da background & placed it onta Paint
Step 2: Found da L picture, cut out L & da chocolate barz & da teddy bear from da original picture using da "Free-Form Select" tool A trick I learned from my Pop a while back xD
Step 3: Copied da L pic (once cut out from da original background) & pasted it on da background it'z on now.
Step 4: Saved it
Step 5: I went onto Photo Impression #4 on my computer & i used da "Blur" tool at 100% and blurred da hole thing
Step 6: I used diz tool-thingy dat made a blue circle 'round L (Itz called "Gradient Fill")
Step 7: I used Auto-Enhance at 0%
Step 8: Contrast at 74%
Step 9: Brightness at 84%
Step 10: Saturation at 64%
Step 11: Highlight at 53%
Step 12: Mid tones at 53%
Step 13: Shadow at 45%
Step 14: Over All Blur at 4%
Step 15: Over All Sharpness at 4%
Step 16: I added my signature @ da top rite corner
Step 17: Used da "Smudge" tool ta get ridda da lil glow-thingy dat waz already on da original picture at 100% on da smallest brush size.
.........↑ Datz how i usually make all of my walliez ^^
............If any1 waz wondering xD

C yaz‼ ♫

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