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Hello, Mr. Cheshire
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I'm sure some of you don't know who this character is.
His name is Boris Airay and he's from the manga/anime, Heart no Kuni no Alice. Boris is the Cheshire cat as you can plainly see.

I found the image when I found him on Forgotten Angel1's world when I was browzing my backroom and saw his name, so I figured his picture would be good for a wallpaper ^^

The katakana on the right side of him is his name in Japanese. And because I could, I made cat paw prints and did them going from the pink of the Cheshire cat to the purple.

Dedicated to Moga since she knows who he is I'm sure :U plus I don't dedicate a lot to her and I feel bad.

(Hope it at least stays up long enough for her to see it >>')


:D Yay he stayed
Please don't forget to hug if you fav ><' makes me mad when people don't do that
:D so if you don't hug and you just fav Boris will come over to your house and shoot you
:3 comments appreciated and thanks in advance

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