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Perfect pair...
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My entry in grueny's challenge

Brand NEW Pairs!

***For best quality, please view at 1600 x 1200 ***

Why did I chose these two?
Well because I always wanted to see these two as a couple (although it didn't happen...yet). They have a lot in common (courage, they both lost someone who really cares - Ichigo his mother and Orihime her brother and they always hide their feelings and emotions from others and so on...)
And I managed to find two different vectors and match them perfectly ^___^ I really like the way I put the two vectors, because it is like they are secretly looking at each other (I mean most of all Ichigo, 'cause Orihime it's very obvious that every time she looks at him *laughs*)and it's like something inside Orihime's soul is trying to bring Ichigo closer to her ♥ (you can see the effect by looking at Ichigo's neck chains and at Orihime's chest)they are attracting each other so nicely ^___^ The colorful strings that bonds them is the best proof.
About the lil' pictures on the film. it took me for ever to attach them (I used the manga scans from chapter 237 page 14 - 19)and the words are from the same pages, here they are:

"If there were five of me
they could be born in five different towns
and eat five different meals
and have five different jobs
and all five of me...
could fall in love
...with the same guy...
Thank you Kurosaki-kun...

Bg texture by aby7777
Bg texture by Yami
Orihime vector by xRedangelx @ AP
Ichigo vector by yago-san @ AP
negative by creamuts
heart & paperclip by aby7777

Work dedicated to grueny ^___^ thank you for the invitation, I think your first challenge ruled The O !!

Hope you all like it ^-^
Hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

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Brand NEW Pairs!

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