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Ritsuka Calendar- version 2
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okay lol this is the blessed 2nd version of the Ritsuka Calendar I was working on xDD
I think I like this one better because you can't see any of the mistakes xD
ah.. shamelessly advertising for theOtaku Host Club xD
again links are as follow:
Rein Akira and Her Host Club World
Lunastarz and Her Host Club World

and of course Ritsuka Aoyagi's page, so you can become a fan of him yourself^^
thus talking whenever you like~
sooooo... comments?
please none telling me how much of a complete wallpaper n00b i am xDD because that i know anyway~!!


ps- so do you like this version, or the 1st version better?

D: I'm never listening to my brother again... the calendar wasn't correct before because I put the numbers wrong.. sorry... but it's fixed... although I don't really like the wallpaper anymore xD
AND the things that are blacked out... well they were holidays that were just in the wrong spot as well... sorry... and i really liked this one too...

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2010, calendar, host club, january, january 2010, loveless, lunastarz, rein akira, ritsuka, ritsuka aoyagi, theotaku host club, version 2
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