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Walmart Exclusive! Axel vs Rox
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Wow I've never thought I'd be making a wallpaper like this,Roxas and Axel duke it out in the Wal-Mart parking lot. In Kingdom Hearts 2 you now have to battle Axel in a Wal-Mart parking lot*snickers* and prepare yourself*laughs really hard* to possibly lose to Axel. Well the story behind this would be Axel and Roxas were getting ready to have their battle in the Twilight Town mansion and then a Wal-Mart employee appears outta nowhere and says "Come have your cut-throat battle at Wal-Mart,that way you can have a crowd cheer you guys on." "Okay." agrees Axel and the Wal-Mart employee somehow magically transports them to the Wal-Mart parking lot. How he does that,I'll never know. They are then transported to Wal-Mart to duke it out. "Wooooo!" cheers the crowd. Who will win this Wal-Mart Exclusive Battle,Axel or Roxas? Find out...I don't know.
Roxas is the goodguy and Axel is well he's not really a badguy but Roxas has to beat him to move on in the game.
That's not much of a story but it's all I can think of. I would like to dedicate this silly wallpaper to my best friend,cloud55strife. Hope you like it Cloudy.
Also her wallpaper was the inspiration for this one. Here is the link of the KFC Exclusive Battle wallpaper: "Who will pay for the KFC?"
One of the screenshots is from from IGN.com
I don't know where I found the other 3,sorry.
Axel image from Kingdom Hearts wikia
Roxas image from kh2.co.uk or something like that
Walmart images by respective photographers
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