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Dedicated to my dear Kelsey, who patiently waited for her gift for a month already ToT Sorry! As you all know, I suck with deadlines, so I'm the most unfitting person to make a birthday gift for someone.

Time to write a description XD Aside from the comic book look, I wanted to have something simple and easy on the eye. Since I've been mostly drawn to minimalism lately, I decided to not crowd the wall with many colors and the likes, and let the textures speak for themselves. Also, I've noticed most people place their icons on the left, so that part is emptier and has a lighter color than the rest. On the other hand, it looked too empty like that, so I added some blood splatters to create some kind of depth. As for adding shades, I think they would've looked too strong when compared to the rest of the wall (which is based solely on outlines).

Alas, this is the first time I go all out with blood, so go easy on me please o_O" I don't usually like walls with a lot of blood unless the rest of the composition is amazing, so you can interpret the splatters here either as paint or blood, they look like both anyway XD

Oh, and this time I decided to incorporate the sig into the wall itself, so as not to cover up the bottom row (which already is really small). Also a first time for me, since I tried that on other walls and it turned up miserable. I envy the artists who can blend their sig into the wall so as to avoid drawing too much attention to it, instead of the wall itself ToT *bows to the artists*

Stats and other technical information:
Scans used: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Walkthrough: click here (explains some stuff)
Orange and purple versions available at the Corner of Art.

Comments and/or favorites are welcome and very appreciated <3 Thank you in advance!

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