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credits to: Hia Cifer and Fox2k (www.planetrenders.com)

first things first, I want to thank, GRUE-chan (Grueny) for inviting me in this challenge... its been awhile since I've joined in a challenge..

it'll be my honor to participate in this wonderful contest...

Frequently asked questions:

1. There are so many pairs out there why did you chose Matsumoto and Hitsugaya..
ans: IDK, i just want these two to be couple, atleast, just this once.. coz I know there won't be any chances for this two to become a couple.. (but i do like Gin x Matsu too, its just, gin is now an enemy, like sasuke, its not possible for sakura and sasuke to be together right, like gin and matsumoto too,.. gin would probably killed in the process or can never return.. whatsoever).. its just, Hinamori x Toushi won't work for me, no offense to their fans..

2. Do you like Toushirou?
Ans: Obviously, yes. But I love Aizen more!

3. Do you believe Toushi and Matsu can be a couple?
Ans: I hope so, DEFINITELY hope so!

4. Isn't it possible???
Ans: IDK.. but if they were, they would most likely look like INCEST! bwahahaha.. toushi's very young.. and matsu's..err..boobies.. so most likely their relationship are likely brother-sister.. but still....

5. Do they have teh so called 'chemistry?'
Ans: for me?.. yes..! total opposite attracts! xD

6. Do you like Hinamori?
Ans. NO! And I hope she dies

Hahahahaha!! sorry guys..I can't help it! lol!

Anyway... thank you and please understand..its my own opinion and it has nothing to do with you, so back off!

teeheee!! thankies!! au revoir! ^^.

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