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I originally did this in wide-screen and then made a 1024x768px version, so that version looks a bit cramped in my opinion. If you have a 16:10 screen, download the widescreen version :) It looks nicer ^^

Texture: "Dampened, textured paper" from bittered on deviantArt


The full quote by Urahara is here:

I'm really...Really disappointed.

Kurosaki...In your sword, all I see is "fear".

When you attack, “I’m afraid of cutting someone”.
Even when you try to protect someone; “I’m afraid of letting them die”.
Yes, your sword only speaks to me of absurd fear.
That’s not it.
What’s neccesary in a fight isn’t fear.
Nothing can be born from that.

If you dodge, “I won’t let them cut me”.
If you protect someone, “I won’t let them die”.
If you attack, “I’ll cut them”.

Well can’t you see…
… the resolve to cut you reflected in my sword?


Urahara said that to Ichigo while he was training him. I thought that was kick-ass :)

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