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Paper Dolls in the Snow
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Hetalia finally has its own category! =D Now I don't have to stuff it in the "Other Anime and Manga" category anymore. XD

This is my latest wallpaper, made out of an irrisistably beautiful picture by loli54. Quite frankly, I'm not happy with this one AT ALL, but I might give it another shot. I think the colours are all wrong, but then again, I've never really been that great with working with white backgrounds. >_<

The words in English are things that I made up. >_> The Chinese words are from a song by Fish Leong, 别再为他流泪 (bie zai wei ta liu lei). The title of the song roughly translates to "don't cry for him anymore", which is kind of fitting considering the on-off relationship that the two countries have had historically.

Comments and constructive criticsm deeply appreciated and welcome. =D


Features: Ivan (Russia) and Wang Yao (China) from Axis Powers Hetalia
Art by: loli54
Textures by: 51291, coy-dreamer, ShadyMedusaStock, tove91 & bambinainnero
Brushes by: 99mockingbirds & Aethereality.net

Hetalia: Axis Powers Wallpapers
axis powers hetalia, china, hetalia, ivan, paper dolls, russia, snow, wang yao
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