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This wall is for challenge "Good Meets Evil" by Kimmeh

This is short-type descripton. Full text with all screenshots and scans I used to make (there lot of them) you can check ou at AnimePaper.

Hello all! Now I came with new wall, I am glad because I passed 3 tests, but 2 exams remain, anyway I want to rest and started this wall.

So here is my entry.

You don’t know whom you can meet in MMORPG ^___^

Ok, so here maybe mini-description to my wall. Mini-titled “Konata vs. Ulquiorra”

Konata Izumi (good girl from anime Lucky Star)
Ulquiorra Cifer (bad guy from anime Bleach)

Konata Izumi is otaku-girl, anime/manga lover, and of course games lover. (In anime she played RPGs and MMORPGs) so here is one of her online playing. Now when she got cool skills and full armed she can fight with someone (as you see in chat box word: PvP- player vs. player) and she meets Ulquiorra (bad guy from ‘Bleach’ XD)… why not! Let’s kick his ass!!! ^o^/

-Yamaro: hey ulqui! wanna pvp? (Player vs player)
-Ulquiorra: ok, let’s tp to arena (tp-teleport)

But is friendly fight, without killing so, friendship will win!

Well title... Simple, but I cant think out of smth wiser XD
I hope you like it and all comments and favorites are appreciated!!! ^^

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cifer, izumi, konata, ulquiorra
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Good Meets Evil

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