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Innocent Days
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Phew, I have no idea about the title,but i think because all character here have a little silent characted, so i rename it: Innocent Days,also from a song ost Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebelion by Hitomi . . .
This is the story . . .(Sorry if it is to awfull XD, i'm trying!)
One day before his death agains Haruno Sakura,Sasori founds on internet that he would be dead when he fight agains Sakura and Chiyo;
The quotes n the internet: " What a shame, an Akatsuki member is defeated by a kunoichi girl and an old woman?"
Sasori:"Of course not! I would kill the girl first!"
Then, he rides on a machine time and search for "the girl"
Unfortunately, the machine time that he stole from Vexen (Kingdom Hearts)XD was broken,and he lands on Ashford Academy . . .
Suddenly, he saw Kallen. She was sitting in the chair for waiting Lelouch and talk about the Britanians do. When he looked at Kallen, he believed that Kallen is Sakura because they are same from the hair . .
Sasori:"There you are!(I kill you now!)"
Suddenly, Lelouch come, he look at Sasori and ask to Kallen what happened.
Sasori:"so, you are her boyfriend,eh?"
Ssori:"I'll kill her (me=XD)"
Lelouch:"Really? Is that youre been killed, Sasori?"
Kallen:" . . ! !"
Then Lelouch turned into Zero and started to used his geass, while said:
" You gonna die!"
After then, he shocked and freeze by the time . . . XD
I hope you like it . . .XD
If you don't mind, i want some critic and comments please . . . to improve my photoshop skills . . .
Thanks a lot! XD

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kallen, karen, kouzuki, kozuki, lamperouge, lelouch, sasori, stadtfeld
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