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We Dreamt of Better Days
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So I was making a graphic for another site that I go on, and I happened across this picture (that, by the way, is a plain wallpaper I made. XD I probably won't post it up here, though, and I edited the colours and duplicated an extra background. XD) by noa, which I had scanned from the Japanese Comickers Vol. 2 Artbook. It wasn't a very good scan, mind you, but the art is pretty. XD Immediately after, I thought of people sleeping in a field of flowers and I used a picture of Wang Yao (China) and Ivan (Russia) from Axis Powers Hetalia as the main picture. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite big enough and so I had to blend it into the background as best I could. D: So here is my first pretty China/Russia wallpaper ever. XD Comments and constructive criticism are very much welcome and appreciated!


Art by: noa & loli54 (红色夫妻组)
Textures by: bambinainnero, ShadyMedusaStock & coy-dreamer

Hetalia: Axis Powers Wallpapers
axis powers hetalia, china, dream, hetalia, ivan, russia, sleep, wallpaper, wang yao, we dreamt of better days
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