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Widescreen is the best, since it shows more of the background.
Wallpaper for Lys's Naturally Beautiful challenge; I don't remember the last time I entered a contest, must be more than a year... There have been at least 3 contests I could've participated in but I was too lazy - goes to show how life can forget about you sometimes >,<"

Anyway, I had been working on this wallpaper since a few days after Lys announced the challenge and finished it a few moments ago. There are some parts I didn't agree with and which I left out:

  • leaves - I tried to make some floating leaves but they looked unnatural;
  • other people - who were supposed to be walking around randomly, but were covered by black so their faces couldn't be seen a.k.a. they're anonymous and don't matter to the "viewer";
  • the bunny ears on the girl - honestly, I thought they looked ridiculous and I was aiming for a natural look anyway, so I quietly edited them out.

I chose this title because that's what I felt like when I looked at the finished product: like I fell in love with the girl (speaking from a neutral POV, try and picture it). Also used some textures to convey the feeling of a memory, as if an old individual is remembering that particular moment.
Hmm, what else is there to say... I took the picture in the background myself, a few months ago. I think I took it in a park, but I'm not sure. Nevertheless, I like how it looks in the background. I didn't use any brushes for the trees, they're natural.
To people who think it's too empty: I wanted it like this, since I felt like having something simple on my desktop for once. Plus, I think those with lots of icons will feel relieved

PNG: LePotato.net (it's somewhere on that page)
Textures: buzillo-stock, Desktop Anime
Touhou (C) respective owners
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