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Nocturne serenade
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I made this last night. I probobly should have been asleep at 1am but once I started this I just decided to carry on ^^ I didn't make it blue either, although perhaps that may have worked better, seeing as the moon is blue... But i've seen several blue wallpapers that use this PNG and I wanted to be at least a little different. So here we are...

My 100th wallpaper!

I decided to use a picture from Chobits as that was the first anime series I watched back when I started university [Thanks to my friend Jacqui ^^]

I found a stock image of pretty sparkly things on deviantArt for the base of the background, then I added lots of brushwork and overlays ect. I also added some text behind Freya/Chii, I just wrote something about searching in a town with no people. Perhaps if you look hard enough you can read it XD I'm not sure.

Thanks go to Kelsey [Angel Zakuro] for explaining about the line-texture thing, I worked it out in the end and i'm glad I did because I think it finishes this off nicely ^^ so thanks *smiles*

I'll get back to my requests now. If you want to request something then let me know via PM or in a comment. If you HAVE requested something and you think I may have forgotten or want to send me a reminder then that could be helpful!

[If you read this Nicole i'm sorry again for taking so long with your wallpaper, but i'll get there in the end!]

Textures from:
DeviantArt -- Ermenelwen

Brushes from:

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