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I'm the Mad Hatter
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This is my excuse for not judging my contest right now (I can't decide!!!!)

But I was just googling random things, and I saw, "Mad Hatter Johnny Depp"

So I clicked on it, and apparently, Tim Burton is going to make an, "Alice in Wonderland" redo!!!

AND Johnny Depp is going to be the Mad Hatter!! *dies* I'M SOOO EXITED!!!!! SQUEEE!!!

So I had to make a wallpaper. It's kinda lame I know. ><

I just recolored some stuff and then added in the tile.

The lyrics are from the Addicts song, "Mad Hatter"

Here they are:

You say black I say white,
You turn left I go right.
You get high I get low,
You live fast I stay slow.
Wait a minute,
Your driving me-
insanity runs in the family
the side of my father!
Please come for tea,
just ask for me-
I'm the Mad Hatter!!!!
You get up,
I go down
You say square,
I say round.
You dont stay,
I dont go.
If I care I say so.
Wait a minute,
so what,
so what, so what
Your driving me-
runs in the family
side of my father!
Please come to tea,
just ask for me.
I'm the madhatter!!
Runs in the family!
Runs in the family side of my father
Please come to tea,
sit next to me
I'm the Mad Hatter!!!


lol, such an awesome song. It totally worked here. XDXD

WEll, please enjoyu!! ^_^

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Wallpapers
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