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Ah, finally finished this work! I've been re-reading Tokyo Crazy Paradise and saving a lot of images, either for avatars, vectors or wallpapers. I love this manga, it's one of my favorite ones; sadly, it's really underrated, which is too bad because it's AWESOME. You should go read it if you like action and comedy manga.

The whole process took about 4-5 hours, but I really enjoyed making it. The chapter covers of KurePara look awesome and I loved the art, so I have many images ^_^ I wrote a bit about how I made it in the walkthrough; since this image had a serious tone to it, I thought about designing a battlefield, but it turned out to be too complicated and I stuck with using a photo of clouds (which I took myself) and some mist (although it isn't too visible).

Short synopsis of the series below:
This particular image features Tsukasa, a girl who is raised as a boy because of the huge number of crimes against women in a modern Tokyo. Her parents (cops) die, so she and her brothers are left with no money; therefore, she has to work as the bodyguard of the Yakuza's leader.
Of course, they end up falling in love with each other at one point, which is very cute! I love this pairing ^__^
Hence the title, that she'd do virtually anything for the guy ._.

The wall was inspired from the song No. 1 Crush (Gothic Remix) by Garbage, which is awesome. I thought it fit the theme of the manga (at least the theme it has towards the end, where it gets very serious), and I had this song illustration in mind for a while. You can find the lyrics here.

Um, I guess I'll end it here, since this description is already long >_> I appreciate criticism and all, but please state stuff you like as well, not only stuff you don't; I've noticed some do this, and it's not too pleasant to read (even though they mean good) ._. Thank you in advance for criticism, favorites and/or hugs~!

Textures: Dioma, Nostalgic Stock, InTheName Stock
Image of Tsukasa: click here
Walkthrough thingy: click here
Tokyo Crazy Paradise (C) Yoshiki Nakamura

Tokyo Crazy Paradise Wallpapers
battle, grunge, scenic, tokyo crazy paradise, tsukasa
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