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Another You
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Well, I hadn't made a wallpaper in a long time, sooooo...
I've spent all my time and creativity recently on my fanfic. When I finished it I was a little sad. Then Thursday, the first day I didn't write, I really felt the emptiness. I was so sad. I missed my "friends" and I missed writing. I was really bummed and didn't know what to do with myself all day. So, since I had creative overflow and no story to write (since I was taking some time off before working on the next fanfic) I needed to find something to satisfy my creativity. And thus, my newest wallpaper was born! (Being bummed is probably why it's so dark, and let's face it, a little depressing.)
I'd have posted it yesterday, but yesterday was a zombie day. (I had to get up early to take my remaining dog to the vet, and this was after not sleeping well. Ugh!) So, here it is today! :b

Song - Another You by & (c) to Cascada
Characters - Sasuke, Sakura & Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Wallpaper (c) Me! :D

PS: I TOTALLY don't support this pairing. I hate Naruto, but would much rather see him with Hinata. She's so cute, and she loves him so much. :x I AM however a SasuSaku fan. Completely. So, why make a NaruSaku wallpaper? Because the song fits and I'm afraid this is what it's coming to. *dies*

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