Angel Zakuro (Wallpaper Portfolio) Of tiffs and good plays.

Of tiffs and good plays.
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Here is the long-awaited collab by me and Oli-chan!! Yes, ish a collab. ♥ We both worked really hard on it~ We've been wanting to partner up and create a wallpaper together for a while, and we finally did. ^_^ She's going to submit it to MT and her own website, so I'm submitting it here and on AP. It's already there on AP, so you can read the full in-depth description there. So yeah, we're super excited about this. :D Super happy about how it came out! Rough roads were ahead of us in the beginning, and we were both so indecisive, but we finally decided on using this scan from Oofuri and making a scenic texture wallpaper. *nods* Neither of us really wanted to do a major vector...more like, I didn't want to cause I suck, but yeah. ^^; We went from idea to idea via PM's, and then we came to a conclusion! I didn't have msn at the time, so we couldn't chat...and now, even though I have it, I could only go online on the weekends, so we took a while to get things settled when making the wallpaper.

Oli-chan (sweetdevil) made the background...she painted the beautiful clouds you see there, made the sunset, and worked with the lighting on the guys. Totally amazing!!! I extracted Abe and Mihashi from the original scan (which was a pain) and then proceeded to clean and reconstruct. If you look at the original scan, you'll see that there are sun beams on them and that part of Mihashi was cut off because of the I had to repaint those parts and smudge things etc. Then we sent the file back and forth to each work on it, and then I worked with the textures and the text, and I also painted those trees and found a brush on deviantart that made the grass. ^_^ So yeah, we both did a lot! It's wonderful to see our signatures back to back!

We hope you like it! Bokutachi wa chiizu! Chiimu da yo. XD Chiimu. [We are cheese! It's team. XD Team.] View the widescreen cause it's awesome!

Textureless version 1600x1200 :: Textureless Widescreen

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