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So this wallpaper is a bit different from what I usually do...not sure why. XD It's just not grungy or texture-y or a [pathetically done] vector wallpaper. Here you go, Yaya-chan! I hope you like your request!! Sorry it took forever. XD I actually like how this wallpaper came out...and that doesn't happen too often.Anyhoo, I first found the scan here: proceeded to extract, which took a long time as far as editing goes...the scan wasn't as clean as I initiall thought. ^^; The background was a lot of work because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it! You should've seen it at first. It was brown with the white fog/clouds and some random squares on the side with lines. Ugh. Then during dinner I decided that a brighter background would be better. I wanted a stock photo of a Chinese restaurant to put back there...which I did, but it was too blurry. ^^;; ended up being motion blurred to just make it look like that. Fire-y colors! This was the pic I used, by the way: some brushwork (flowers etc.) took some work to make the scan of the girls [I don't know their names; never seen/read it] look clearer, but I think it's pretty good. I wanted to have that cloud around them...or steam, whatever it is. XD Just because for some reason I thought of that when I thought "Chinese"! Weird, I know. But maybe it was the steam from the meat buns that triggered that thought...anyhoo, the Chinese characters are just a font set from dafont. I typed randomly.Well, I guess that's all I have to say. Again, this took roughly 2 hours. I'm amazed that I made another wallpaper so soon...I've been taking a week off between them lately. XD Enjoy!

Edit: I changed a lot from what I initially had; it is now new and improved. :3 Clearer and less, um, busy? And exciting!!! Larger resolution!!!

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