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Demon Ducan
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This is a wallpaper I made of a dollfie that I thought was amazing. For those who don't know dollfies, they are custom built Asian dolls that are very large and realistic and they basically look like anime characters brought to life.
This dollfie was made by the Dream of Dolls corporation and it's part of their collection (meaning you can't buy it only look at it ) and it's of their characters named, Ducan but they made him into a demon vampire!

I just loved they way he looked and I used 4 of my fave images of him and cleaned them up, compiled them, and blended them into this wallpaper. Even though he's not technically an "anime character" dollfies are made to look like them and I think they're unique!

I used Adobe Photoshop CS to make this wallie and it took about 2+ hours or so.

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