Bleachic Grimmjow -VS- Ulquiorra

Hello, Bleachic here once again! I thought it was about time to host another challenge. The last one went very great. I enjoyed everyone’s participation and really enjoyed all of the entries. I enjoyed it enough to actually do another one similar to it; it’s just going to be a tad bit different. Are you ready for what I want?

For all of you Grimmjow and Ulquiorra lovers out there, here it is!

The Subject:

First of all, I must say I put a lot of thought into this challenge. I was going to allow you access to use all of the Bleach male characters that you wish to use, however this other idea popped into my mind.

I noticed a lot of mad love for Grimmjow and Ulquiorra out there. I see it in avies, e-cards, wallpapers, fan-art, world posts, and more. What I want from you is to create a wallpaper with one of the given characters you love/support the most…and I want it to be EPIC!

What I mean by epic is that I want you to put all you have into this wallpaper. I want expression and emotion…I want you to show us what it is that you love about this character.

The Rules:

  • Please do not add any other characters to the wallpaper whatsoever and do not use both characters in the wallpaper. Any wallpaper including any other character besides Grimmjow or Ulquiorra as well as any wallpaper containing them both will automatically be disqualified. As much as I love both Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, I do actually love one more than the other. (And no I will not share who it is for reasons explained in the following rule.)
  • Do not use the character simply because you know I have mad love for him and it may give you the title of winner. Know that I’m not judging this on who I love and support the most but who you love and support the most.
  • I want a well-put together piece. Use whatever you wish to construct it as long as it’s well thought-out and put together.
  • In the description box, I want you to explain your wallpaper. I want you to tell me what it is that you love about the character and what it was that drawn you to him in the first place. If you use anything symbolic, explain it please.
  • Please do sign your name to your wallpaper. It’s your work, let everyone know it!
  • Please give credit (if possible) for all of the materials used in production of this wallpaper (e.g. brushes, vectors, scans, etc.)
  • All Otaku rules and regulations must be followed as well. Do not forget about that.

The Prizes Include:

  • First Place Winner: A wallpaper including your submitted character, an e-Card of your choice, and two gifts.
  • Second Place Winner: A wallpaper including you submitted character and two gifts.
  • Third Place Winner: An e-Card of your choice and two gifts.
  • All challenge participants will receive a gift for participating.

As for the deadline, I’m going to give you two months for this one. If you have what it takes for this challenge then put on that epic game face of yours and get started! If you don't have love for either of these characters then no sweat; there will always be other challenges!

With Tons of Love and Support:

~*♥*~Bleachic ~*♥*~

*Please feel free to comment or PM me if you have any questions or statements regarding this challenge.*


The Winners and Prizes:

First Place: Step Onto the Scene by Support KIRA

Your Prizes Include:

  • One wallpaper featuring your submitted character.
  • One e-Card of your choice.
  • And two prizes.

Second Place: {Sexy Cracks} by Quiet Noise

Your Prizes Include:

  • One wallpaper featuring your submitted character.
  • And two gifts.

Third Place: Ulquiorra Schiffer by Segunda Etapa

Your Prizes Include:

  • One e-Card of your choice.
  • And two gifts.

The three presented above were chosen because of their overall submission. Besides their wallpaper, they presented a well-put explanation into their love for their choice of character.

I did enjoy all submissions though and to all others, you will be gifted as gratuity for participating in my challenge. I thank all of you very much and I can't wait to see what it is that you all bring into my next challenge! *^^*

With Love and Sincerety From Your Friend:


To Support KIRA and Segunda Etapa, you both have an e-Card request. Please PM me with your request and I will do my upmost best to get it submitted and dedicated to you as soon as possible. *^^*

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Step onto the Scene ~Support KIRA
{ sexy cracks } ~Quiet Noise
Ulquiorra Schiffer ~segunda etapa
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