Blue Latte A page of Calendar

Hello everyone!

Heey! It's been a while since my last challenge, huh!? But then finally, I got an idea for a wallpaper challenge!

This challenge is about making a page of calendar!

I'll give the examples :
[X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]
Well, I think those enough..

You are allowed to choose only one month(for your wallpaper) that is special for you. Then of course you have to explained/give a reason why that month is special. For example, you can say I love December because of Christmas and winter ---> yea, you can make a longer explanation.
So.. Actually, I just challenge you to make an ordinary wallpaper with numbers on it.

Please don't just crop and resize a scan, at least you have to change the colors, add textures/brushes, add text, and so on. Give credits and links of the picture/scan, brushes, textures, etc.

Rules :

  • Dedicate it to ME, haha NO, NO, NO!! I changed my mind, you don't have to XD
  • No real life picture/scan or games, I don't like it!
  • Give on credits
  • No resubmitting previous wallpaper
  • Keep it PG-rated
  • 1 month.. enough right??


About the prizes, I'll think about it later, but I'll definetely give the winners something XP

Okay, Good Luck
Have fun,
~see ya

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Mushi-shi Calendar ~
2010 October: Devious. ~Angel Zakuro
{ J a n u a r y. } - Flowers,K ~Hanaro Souhi
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