Kiba051095 Let the music guide you.

Okay so you're probably like "Duh. Make a wallpaper with song lyrics or a band or something." NO!

Just make a wallpaper inspired by a song, no words, just pictures. Or if you've just made a wallpaper which makes you think of a certain song, that's good enough.

I just want to see what happens when music drives people, but with no words. Just the imagery of it. I seem to find myself doing that a lot. I'll listen to a song and I'll think "Hey, this reminds me of [insert anime/manga/video game here] and the part where [insert event from said anime/manga/video game here]"

Get what I mean? Hope that wasn't too confusing!

There's not really any rules other than that. Pretty easy if you ask me. :]

[P.S. Sorry for like... nothing latey. I don't have internet at the moment, but hopefully soon I will!]

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Behind My Heartaches ~AlexaClyne
Bleed It Out ~Felcie
His Words Destroyed My Planet ~Tokyo iris
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