Death Nut t o u c h the S.K.Y.

Hey there! Thank you to everyone who participated in my last challenge!!

Now.. for this challenge, the theme is the sky or clouds! I'd love to look some wallpapers that bring peace. Yeaa.. I want to see the sky, flowers, clouds, trees, friendship, birds, and a quote. Give the quote somewhere on the wallpaper that fits the image, I'll judge based on the typography too, it can be your own quote or you can just take it somewhere...

So to sum it up : make a wallpaper related to the nature, but the point is the sky. That's why the title is 't o u c h the S.K.Y.' don't forget about the quote, put it somewhere on your wallpaper.


not THIS one, it's not related to nature!

Rules :

  • Credits where you found the image, texture, and brush! Give the link of the picture!
  • Keep it PG-rated
  • Don't use real life people/landscapes, it has to be from anime/manga
  • No stealing
  • No yuri/yaoi
  • No crossovers

One month, and Have Fun!!
No limit for the submission!
If you have any questions, just comment below^^
~Thank you~

EDIT : OMG! I forgot about the quote DX
Give a quote somewhere on your wallpaper, it can be your own quote or you can just take it somewhere..

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The Direction Of Your Dreams ~KrondorianV
Beautiful Expression ~Blue Latte
WONDER ~Paulini
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