Knight Edge The Espada

The title tells all, this is a challenge to make the best Espada wallpaper you can. All my favorite characters in the anime, Bleach, all happen to be the Espada. So I want you, the challengers, to make a wallpaper of your FAVORITE Espada, and give me a reason as to why that Espada is your favorite. Sound simple? Good, I want to see what seems to be the most popular Espada, and why that one is the most popular. Now onto what the winners get.

No limit on entries, just remember that only one of your wallpapers will have a chance of winning.

Third Place: One Gift
Second Place: One Gift and One Wallpaper Request
First Place: One gift and One Wallpaper Request AND finally a Sig created by me for you.

Well good luck, and I can not wait to see what you guys have in store for this contest.

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AnimeKittyCat123 Mistress Distress Brian Hollow
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Bleach 518 ~kitabug69
espada 4 ~uzumakixhinata
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