Love is All Around

Make a wallpaper that represents your favorite manga/anime/video game pairing. Express their feelings through gestures, quotes, phrases, lyrics from a song - anything that will suit your taste as long as it's still related to the challenge. Be creative and original.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Feel free to use any variety of textures. They're also substitute if you don't know how to make a background.
  • Images must have a good quality. I don't wanna see any pixelated or blurry parts, especially if you're making widescreen resolutions.
  • Give a meaningful title. Please don't use their names (e.g. "Ichigo and Rukia") or "My Favorite Pairing". Why not try something sweet? Go and play with words! ;)
  • You can mix and match pictures, but don't make it messy.
  • Be sure to submit your work here. Only 1 entry per contestant.

*Note: Yaoi or Yuri is allowed.

And last but not the least, have fun! The most beautiful finishing touch-up is to give your work love and effort. You should enjoy it!

I hope everyone would be delighted to join. Good luck to all of ya!!


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The Ladies Man ~abdo1727
Precious memories ~dyanaanime
I will become a Dragon ~fukachan
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