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Now here's the thing. When it comes to making wallpapers, I love to incorporate lyrics from my favorite songs into my newest creation. Most songs have sets of lyrics that are just so rhythmically moving, and have so much meaning behind them that they add a certain kind of flair to a wallpaper.

This is where the challenge begins.

I want you all, (or, you know, those interested) to prove to me that you can present the best, most logical set of lyrics in a wallpaper created solely by you. I don't care what's in the wallpaper; it could be any subject you're interested in. (Except let's leave Yaoi/PG-13 stuff out of this, yah?) So, if you think you've got what it takes, have at it. Show me your moves, and I'll reward you handsomely.


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The Last Time ~BabyD
Devils and Gods ~NinjaGirlSango
Rush ~jannycats
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