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Okay...!! Time for a new challenge ♥
I really love Vampire Knight and my favorits characters there aren't Zero or Kaname or Yuuki. No! I really love the vampires of the Night Class. But... I must say that here are not many wallpapers of them. So I want that you make a wallpaper of the vampires of the Night Class - without the three main characters (Zero, Kaname, Yuuki)!

○ It must be your own work - no plagiarism!
○ Give on credits (if you used Renders/Vectors, Brushes/Texture, ect.)
○ Be creative!
○ It can be a wallpaper of one or a wallpaper of more Vampires.
○ You can submit so many wallpapers like you want.
Don't make a wallpaper of Zero, Kaname or Yuuki
○ Have fun ♥

I will have special attention on this:
○ the quality of the wallpaper
○ if you give on credits
○ if you made a Vector/Render (you mustn't, but it'll give special points)
○ if everything fits well together

1st - three wallpaper with a character of your choice
2nd - two wallpaper with a character of your choice
3rd - one wallpaper with a character of your choice
Everyone will get a gift

Okay ^^ If you have any questions fell free to ask =)
I think 2 months are enough time, isn't is?
Hope you will join ♥

~ grueny-chan ♥

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