I See Puppets!!!

Hey, Kisuke here, with yet another contest. Congratulations to SakuraDust for winner my last one.

So, here's the deal:

You are to make a wallpaper of any anime character(s) you want...IN PUPPET/RAG DOLL FORM...I think I'll say it again, but bold this time...IN PUPPET/RAG DOLL FORM! If you wish to include a normal character, that character must be interacting with the puppet/ rag doll (Looking at it does not count!).
Now, that being said, this is going to take some creativity! So, stock up on brain juice and get going!

Here are the rules:

  • Characters MUST be in PUPPET/RAG DOLL form...
  • Any character not in puppet for MUST be interacting with the puppet...
  • NO plushies...They are NOT puppets...
  • You can use YOUR original drawings, vectors or renders...(If you don't...see rule below)
  • If you use a vector or brushes made by someone else...Give them their props...
  • Must follow the rules of theO...

Okay, those are the rules. Now, just like in my last contest, there can only be one winner of this contest. So, here is the prize:

6 months Premium Membership on me!

You all can submit as many entries as you want! Now, GO!! GO!! GO!!

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the puppetmaster. ~okeimon
_Lifeless_ ~SakuraDust
The Master or the Puppet ~Support KIRA
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