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In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the entire "Robotech" franchise, I'm hosting a Robotech-themed wallpaper challenge, and it's the first time doing so. This challenge is also my dedication to the memory of Carl Macek (1951-2010), the creator of "Robotech" because if not for him, neither Japanese Animation would never be where it is in the Western markets today, nor would the generation of Western-nation-based Otaku "Robotech" inspired would have existed. Anyway, the rules are below:

  • Your wallpaper entry must feature charcters and/or mecha (power suits/giant robots/ships/small vehicles) from the "Robotech" saga. You can include characters/mecha that first appeared in "Robotech" video games/comics if you want.
  • Since this challenge is an attempt to celebrate 25 years of "Robotech", you have the option to use in yoour piece, a text indicating the franchise's anniversary (ex: "25 Years of Robotech" or "Happy 25 Years to Robotech"). However, should you decide to use this option, please use the "1985-2010" sign as part of that text as a reminder that the "Robotech" franchise was established in 1985.
  • Vectors/vexels are welcome.
  • Since this challenge is about "Robotech", please avoid the inclusion of characters and mecha that were introduced in installments of the "Macross" franchise (Japanese counterpart of "Robotech") that were released after 1982's "Super Dimension Fortress Macross" in your piece as they have nothing to do with "Robotech", despite the fact that the "The Macross Saga" story arc of the original "Robotech" T.V. series was modified and edited from the 1982 "Macross" series itself.
  • Use what editing style suits you best for your piece.

Good luck to everyone entering, try your best, and have fun! Don't hesistate to ask questions in the comment box attached to the page of this challenge if you have any.

New to "Robotech"? Visit these sites for info: Robotech RPG and You can also try watching "Robotech" episodes or read "Robotech" comic book issues as part of your preparation for this challenge.

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