Clash of the Anime Titans

Hey, Kisuke here. And, here is yet another contest from me! Ready?

Here's how this works:

You are to make a wallpaper that depicts a battle between the big names of any two animes. Now, they can be good guys vs bad guys or whatever! So long as there's a fight, I don't care!

For example: Orochimaru vs. Aizen or Astro Boy vs. Sailor Moon

Here are the rules:

  • Must have one or more characters from two different animes...
  • Characters must be in battle...or getting ready to fight...
  • Must be in color...
  • If you use a vector or brushes made by someone else...Give them their props...
  • Must follow the rules of theO...

Okay, those are the rules. Now, there can only be one winner of this contest. So, here is the prize:

  • 6 months Premium Membership on me!

You all can submit as many entries as you want! Now, GO!! GO!! GO!!

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Worlds Collide ~SakuraDust
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