AlexaClyne Megane Bishounen!

First challenge so dun keel meh... :p

So, I am so in love with cool, hot guyz dat wears glasses (specifically Ishida-kun ) so, I want YOU to make a wallpaper out of them!


1. I dun care what anime, bu the wallpaper MUST have a guy wearing glasses!
2. I must see your name somewhere in da wallie!
3. Submittion is UNLIMITED. I want lots & lots of meganebishi~~!!
4. The guys MUST be a bishounen (don't make me an Inui Sadaharu or SHINO not Kabuto, Kabuto is okay, i got mixed up with them two....XD wallie... i just find them creepy... >.>)

Site rules apply... hehehe!

Just to name a few guyz: Ishida, Yukito, Haji, Szayel, Aizen (da fake one, yez >.>) & Tezuka.

I shall give you all a month!!! Ganbatte & hope to see lotsa entries!! Weheheh!!

Uwaaaah....... I actually hadda hard time pickin the winners... Reaaally... =.=

So congrats to the wiinners!! I heart your bishi wallies. <3 And for teh priiiizes:

Top 3: a wallie, a gift & an e-card. Hope you're all happy with that... ^^;
Everyone else: A GIFT!!!

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Tezuka's Smiling? ~Dyuu
Kyoya ~ichigo33
Ishida-kun!! ~
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