Shadweh Disney Time! XD

Alright people! (*throws around confetti in celebration*) As the title implies, this wallpaper challenge is focused on Disney. Whatever you have in mind, go for it! Just keep in mind about these certain conditions:

1) No Kingdom Hearts or Hayao Miyazaki. Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but I want to see some other characters for a change of pace.

2) No shipping characters that didn't end up together in the movie or series.

3) Nothing inappropriate guys. Seriously; I have nightmares just looking at certain images people make from certain anime even though they're usually well done, I don't want any from Disney. -_-;

4) Please only three submissions maximum. Of course, if you feel like throwing in another, be my guest. Just keep in mind that it won't count, reguardless of quality.

5) AND...just have fun with this, okay?

What's in it for you? A gift congratulating you, of course! (And a shiny medal.) XD

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, good luck to all! X3

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Tale As Old As Time ~innocent heart
Sleeping ~JessSlaCrevette
You're the Saddest Bunch ~
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