bonitachika792 favorite Villian or Hero challenge

Okay very simple!
First off anyone can submit any piece of work but you may not steal other peoples work obviously because that will disqualify you.
Create a Wallie with your favorite Villian or Hero. For example if you like team rocket from pokemon feel free to use them in a wallie.
What I will be basically grading the wallies on.
-So you can create a villian like theme or vice versa a hero like scene.
-You use great images or a way to show your person is a villian or hero.(Sort of like the evil character is usually dark and the hero is usually light that sort of stuff get creative!)
*A well blended wallie(the color choice, no rough corner on images)
*And ultimately if I like it So good luck!

There aren't really any prizes of anything for this just a contest to compete agaisnt others and be on top.

If you are not a winner that doesn't mean anything. Just keep trying!
And I will make this challenegeeeeee a month btw.

SINCE I did not mention this there will be a 1,2,3.

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Kumo ~kuryuki
Hrist; Dark Valkyrie ~DawnAwakens
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